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25 Random tidbits about me

Since I am stuck at home for the time being, I might as well, right?

1. I full of contradictions. I am ridiculously shallow when it comes to myself, but not when it comes to others. I am not exactly sure how to explain this fully, but my flaws make me terrible, your flaws make you human and it's alright. I have to be perfect, you can be whatever you want. I'm not exactly sure how that processes in my brain, but it does.

2. I am reckless. I do a lot of reckless stuff. But only with myself, I am not reckless when I have others with me. I don't care about my safety, but I care about yours.

3. I am not as nice as I seem. I am reality based, and reality isn't warm and fuzzy and sweet and sugary. But, with that said, I will respect you as long as you don't give me a reason not to. Once you lose my respect, no quarter.

4. My interests are wide and various. From simple things such as watching the clouds on a clear day to learning about deep space and questioning my friends (one is a nuclear physicist, another is a quantum physicist, and my uncle is an astrophysicist) about things that may or may not exist. I know a lot. My attention span and consequent lack of, prevents me from knowing IN DEPTH about these subjects. But I won't talk about it unless I feel like it. I don't like to flaunt what I have. I see that pathetic and attention seeking.

5. I am stupid. With everything that I know and the education that I have, I am an idiot.

6. I love my dog more than anything humanly possible. That includes anyone I have ever cared for outside my immediate family.

7. I do not require companionship. If you're around, it's because I want you there. I am not a loner by any means; the need to have "a man in my life" is completely antiquated. The immaturity and co-dependency/complete dependency sickens me. I do not want someone to complete me, I am complete. Someone to compliment me would be great, but I am strong willed and opinionated and as independent as I am, most men run screaming because I am open and honest about what I want and I don't care about your ego.

8. I can laugh at anything. This includes myself, dead babies, rape, horrific mass murder, horrific events that have happened to me, and various other atrocities. I do however have things that I do not find funny, but I keep my hypocrisy to myself, reclusive and hidden, much like Johnny Carson in is later years.

9. I like drugs

10. I am not one of those pop culture obscure movie sprouters. Yeah, I probably have seen that movie, but no. I can't quote from it. I am OK with this because those who spend all of their time being as obscure as possible do not prove how cool and underground they are, they prove exactly how much time was spent sitting in front of a TV memorizing other people's awesome instead of being out and figuring out what awesome really is.

11. I have my fronts. I'm a cold and frigid bitch from the start. This is how I weed out chumps and the ever more sinister undercover chumps. But if you can stick around and get past me and immediate defensive bullshit, then good for you. Most can't.

12. I will let you think I am cool and have veins that pulse awesomesauce. This, however is not the case.

13. If I jump into some situation that regards drama and other people's issues, it's for the lulz. It's not because I actually have a stake in it and care about it. I'm not there to take sides, I'm not there to spread whatever bullshit. I'm there because it has fun potential. I will not repeat the stuff you say to me, I will not repeat the stuff they say to me. I am Switzerland, if Switzerland had jumped into the World Wars for the lulz.

14. I am an internet troll. I am underestimated and often overlooked, than that is the perfect situation to be in.

15. I am a hedonistic son of a bitch. I want what I want and I want it now.

16. I am an enabler. I will support you and even give you the means to do stuff that you really want to do, but are unsure you should do. I will tell you it's a good idea to take that pill. But, I am right along and partaking in your bad behavior as well. This may just be me wanting a partner in that particular crime.

17. I give way more than I take. I will give just about all of me, but never ask you for a thing, or expect anything in return. This only goes for those I am closest to. You can thank previous chumps in my life for the reason you can't have nice things.

18. I am perpetually early. I hate to be late, I hate to run late, I hate to be in a rush. I will show up a half hour early to everything, including work on a regular basis.

19. I move fast. I walk fast, I speak rapidly, I type fast. I do most things in a relatively speedy manner. This is because I am impatient.

20. I procrastinate. Like a motherfucker. Last minute to everything. Always.

21. I am mostly a lucky fuck. I have my bouts of shitty happenings, but for the most part, I am a lucky fuck.

22. I have no will power when it comes to food.

23. I am an atheist

24. I do not want children

25. Despite the previous 24, I am a good person. Not because I feel I have to be or because an angry or vengeful God will judge me, but because I want to be. This is subject to change.

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Date: 2009-06-03 05:38 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] siphon
I sometimes wonder if we really are one in the same. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. I love #15. <3


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