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Birthdate:Jun 19
Opinionated, intelligent, apathetic.

My hatred of Nic Cage knows no bounds. Seriously, that skidmark of an ass stain ruins everything.

I did watch The Wicker Man, but only the end where he is burned at the stake because I've always wanted him to die a fiery death.

You know who I'd like to see play him in his autobiography? A toaster. It has the same personality and has more presence than him in every way. Plus, it'll feed me. Toast is good.

My general activities include, but are not limited to:

Chasing my spastic dog, wondering when my multiple personality disorder will present itself, wanting things I can't have, moving heavy objects with my mind, shooting zombies, making things more difficult than they need to be, procrastinating, picking all the onions out of my food, naming inanimate objects, and drinking some sort of cola because "I like the fizzy"

I mod and co-mod the following communities:
[community profile] randompictures -Random pictures community
[community profile] all_macros -Macro community
[community profile] cat_macros -Cat macro community
[community profile] get_animated -Animated gif community
[community profile] le_drama
[community profile] troll_u -Post your trolling conquests
[community profile] lolwut -Post lolwuts

World domination and shooting lighting out of my hands is not out of the question.

Interests (25):

belly dancing, captain cuntflaps, dorkin it out, dorktastic, gutter sluts, hookers 4 life, japan, licking stuff, lulz, mang, mountains, music, my dog, not being stupid, pencil beavers, photography, rock, seeing what u did thar, snark, snorfle, trolling, wank, wasabi, wtf, your mom
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